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Maximize Your Online Casino Experience With Cashback!

Cashback is a certain type of casino bonus that is typically of great value to the player. Whilst a traditional online casino bonus is over and done with whenever it is cleared, a cashback bonus is continuous. And therein lies its value!

As with any bonus, cashback offerings do come with certain criteria. It is therefore important to be well familiar with any terms and conditions that may apply – and especially so in cashback offerings as they tend to be more discretionary than those of regular welcome bonuses.

It is important to know that whatever cashback bonus first meets the eye may not be the ideal one for you. Depending on the set of requirements, whatever is a good cashback bonus for one person may not be so to that of another. It all comes down to personal preferences and objectives of play. We have put together an extensive list of things of import. For a full review of this matter, we propose you take a thorough look at the casino info site

Different online casinos offer different cashbacks. The following are the most common cashback casino alternatives in Canada in 2023.

  • Free spins. Free spins is the magic word to any slots enthusiast. If you belong to the slots camp, then a free spin based cashback bonus is the way to go. This will ensure you get the most slots spins for your money.
  • Existing player promotion. Some online casinos in Canada offer recurring cashback promotions on certain games. By keeping an eye out for promotions regarding your favourite online casino game, you may get the fullest cashback value possible.
  • Welcome package that includes a cashback bonus. The more generous online casinos of Canada, more often than not, include a refund offer together with your first deposit. Neither is it uncommon that for cashback bonuses to apply to further deposits as well. This is rather rare and we advise you to keep an eye on our frequently updated lists as they will immediately include such offers.
  • VIP bonus. VIP bonuses are reserved for the most valuable players. It is neither any confidence why these are the most generous cashback bonuses around. Typically, a VIP bonus is tailor made to the needs and time spans of the player in question. If you are particularly loyal to a specific online casino, you may want to inquire about a VIP cashback bonus deal.

Good VS Bad Cashbacks

We don’t discriminate. Yet, in all fairness, all cashback bonuses are certainly not the same. We are here to help and protect you. As most of the cashback offerings online in Canada in 2023 are perfectly good-spirited and beneficial, there are some that actually may be of damage to the players.

Therefore, once you are ready to get going, make sure you familiarize yourself with the following cashback pointers in order to properly get the most out of your cashback bonus. All of the information below can be found in the terms of conditions of your online casino.

  • Long validity. The more time you have to clear your cashback bonus, the better your chances of getting it.
  • Low wagering. Standard praxis if for the player to wager their bonus anywhere from 0-40 times. The lower this number, the better, as you will clear your bonus sooner and at a lower risk. 0x requirements do exist. However, they tend to be capped a meagre amounts as to not put the online casino in question at risk.
  • High bonus amount. The more money that is up for grabs with your cashback offering, the more attractive it is.
  • No game restrictions. Different cashback terms may apply to certain online casino games. Normally, even money proposition games require a higher wagering than does for example slots. Most often such requirements come down to the RTP level
  • Unlimited cashback. Mostly, cashback bonuses are capped at a predetermined amount. This amount is normally clearly advertised in advance. In some rare exceptions, the cashback is unlimited. In such instances, however, the cashback offering tends to come with strict terms in other areas. It may be a great bonus, but always make sure you know what you are up against on forehand.
  • High bonus percent. The more of your losses that are returned back to your gambling account, the better. In some cases the player may get back 100% of their losses. Just like 0x wagering cashback bonuses, this typically applies to small amounts.